Guinness is for passionate people, and there is nothing more passionate than cooking with your favourite brew!

Occasionally it’s nice to take traditional recipes and add a slight twist to them; not only does it renew them, but it can also have some surprisingly good results.

Try these Guinness-infused creations to celebrate St Patrickʼs Day this year (next Thursday 17th March 2016).

Lamb Shanks braised in Guinness adds a boldness and richness to the gravy that is satisfying as well as comforting. You can’t have Irish stew for St Patrick’s Day every year, so if you feel like something a little bit different, but still fairly traditional, this hearty dish should fit the bill. The Guinness makes the shanks so tender they just melt in your mouth! Naturally, the meal is made even better washed down with a glass of cold Guinness.

Who doesn’t like a brownie? There are hundreds of different ways to make a brownie, but you canʼt go past Guinness Brownies. This brownie has a uniquely bittersweet flavour making it very gastronomically satisfying; we think itʼs a winner!

The joy of cooking with Guinness is its smooth texture and that it is not so over-powering, but still has a unique flavour. Itʼs unmistakeably Guinness from the first bite, to the last, lingering mouthful. Use your meal made with Guinness as a toast to the patron Saint of Ireland this St Patrickʼs Day, March 17th.

So go green (or black), and celebrate all that is Irish this St. Patrickʼs Day – but donʼt forget the most important ingredient!  Guinness is available from all good supermarkets and off-licence premises nationwide.

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