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Welcome to Fresh in the Kitchen where you'll find all the Freshest recipes, the latest Food news, interviews with fellow foodies, Foodie Videos on Fresh TV, must-have cook books and all things Fresh in the kitchen. Go ahead explore our kitchen and have fun trying it all in yours.



Foods high in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important, naturally-occurring nutrient. From preventing winter colds and flu, rebuilding tissue, bones and blood vessels, to boosting the body’s ability to make calcium, vitamin C

Superfood List

We know that dark green vegetables and citrus fruit are good for us, but if we had to choose among them, which pack more of a nutritious punch? Jennifer

Ginger Teriyaki Pork Schnitzels

This is a typical Japanese dinner dish everybody loves - called shoga yaki in Japanese.  The juice from freshly grated ginger flavours the meat and makes it irresistible.

Love Mastercraft

New kitchen on the cards for Winter? We love your thinking. Mastercraft are proud to be New Zealand’s largest network of locally owned and operated full service kitchen design

Meadow Fresh Goodies

Meadow Fresh 'Goodies' is a yoghurt specially made for kiwi kids. A yoghurt that is truly on the side of parents! Children just love the smooth yoghurt made from

Matthew’s Vege Soup

My kids love soup and they're very easy to make, especially with a slow cooker. A perfect kids-in-the-kitchen recipe for winter and the school holidays. My 10-year old