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New Harraways Muesli Bases

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Harraways, New Zealand’s iconic oats company, brings you a range of three exciting and delicious new Muesli bases.

The time consuming part of making muesli – roasting and toasting the oats and adding the honey – has all been done for you.

Your job? That’s easy. Make it all about your family by adding your favourite nuts, seeds and fruit. The goodies that you and your family love and enjoy, with the great taste of Harraways natural toasted oats.

The best part is knowing you’re starting with a muesli base that has no extra oil, is free from artificial flavours and is 100% NZ-grown and made by Harraways, Dunedin.

Harraways Muesli Bases:

Roasted Honey Coated Jumbo Oats
These oats have been referred to as “semi-sweet” they have already been toasted allowing the user to be able to use them as they are or add them to other ingredients to create something a little special.
•    Make a muesli by adding your favourite fruit & nuts
•    Modern Twist to ANZAC biscuits (and other biscuits)
•    Filling for baked apples
•    Wet muesli like Bircher
•    Muesli bars and slices
•    Cheesecake bases
•    Increasing the texture profile of desserts
•    Sprinkle on porridge
•    Added grain content to Scroggin and trail mix (for summer)
•    Florentines

Roasted Oats and Barley Flakes with a hint of honey
This product offers the health benefits of both the goodness of oats and barley. They can be used in any recipe you see rolled oats in or you can ‘blitz’ them down in a food processor to create a finer texture to substitute coconut and almond meal in baking to achieve a similar texture without the fat content.
•    Great to mix this with the Honey Roasted Jumbo Oats and get the Muesli with the prefect degree of sweetness that’s just right for you.
•    Cakes, slices and crumbles
•    A crunchy topping for yoghurt

Roasted Oats and Barley Flakes Unsweetened
Unsweetened toasted grains offer the user the ability to increase the texture profile to baking in both sweet and savoury items. While enjoying the goodness of grain, they also empower those individuals that are concerned about the added sugar (and empty calories) in their diet more control.
•    Stuffing (increase texture profile without relying on nuts)
•    Breads (increase visual appearance of traditional rustic style loaves)
•    Use with toasted nuts and seeds on salads
•    Meal extenders and substitute for breadcrumbs.

At all good supermarkets. If they don’t stock it, ask!
Find out more and watch Trudi creating wonderful recipes and creations at


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