Rattle Ya Dags, a new website offering a daily dose of inspiration from well-known New Zealanders launched this month, providing kiwis with their daily `kick in the pants`.

Peta Mathias, Oliver Driver, Geoff Ross, Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Annette Presley are just some of the many high-profile Kiwis lending their time to provide New Zealanders their daily `kick in the pants`. At Rattle Ya Dags people can view a new short video clip every day and then share the inspiration with their friends and family via social networking sites such as Facebook & Twitter. The innovative project, funded by New Zealand On Air’s Digital Initiative, is positively inspirational.

Featuring a cross section of famous faces from food, sports, music, business, politics, film, fashion and just about everything in between, Rattle Ya Dags sees successful kiwis sharing their own personal tips and tales, all in glorious high definition, and all in just a few minutes.

 The makers are quick to point out this is not motivational preaching, but bite-sized bursts of inspiration to remind kiwis about the important things in life. Co-creator Nick Ward, one half of Auckland-based TV duo Two Heads, says, `Motivation is a dirty word. We`re providing a daily dose of inspiration in an accessible way. Kiwis don`t want to hear a big-teethed, braced-up Tony Robbins type blabbering on about how to Unlock The Giant Within, they want to see someone like them; ordinary kiwis who have done good. This is normal people providing real, genuine advice straight from the heart.`

 With contributors including everyone from Olympic Gold Medallist Barbara Kendall to Entrepreneur Murray Thom, Advertising guru Kevin Roberts to fashion designer Annah Stretton, it’s easy to think that Rattle Ya Dags is just about successful people talking about how they got to the top.  James Anderson, the other half of Two Heads is quick to point out the site is not just millionaires and gold medallists. `Yes we`ve got big achievers like The Mad Butcher or Michael Hill Jeweller, but for every big success there`s a quieter success, musicians like Anna Coddington or graffiti artists like Elliot O`Donnell (Askew1). These are people that are achieving great things by sticking to their dreams. They may not be household names, but it’s their attitude and outlook that shows they are already winners.`

 One of the key features of the website is the sharing possibilities, says Ward. `If you see a video clip you like and it gives you the warm fuzzies we want you to share it with anyone you can, you friends, your family, your boss. This works in two ways. First as a `Pay It Forward` kind of way where you inspire someone else, and secondly in a personal way, because by sharing the video you’ll remember the message.`

 Another advantage of the site is the ability to view a new video each day. Anderson says, `When you read an inspirational book or hear a great story you`re inspired, but then a few days or weeks later you slip back in your ordinary rut. The idea with Rattle Ya Dags is to give people the opportunity to get their inspiration every day, 365 days of the year.`

 For Two Heads this is the first time they have done a video project without a traditional TV broadcast, but that suits them just fine. Watching the short videos on your computer, iPod or cellular phone creates a one-on-one audience and the perfect mindset to be inspired while fitting easily into their busy lives.

 So far the makers have had fantastic feedback with nearly 100 kiwis taking part. The website is online now and already has videos from David McPhail, Geoff Ross, Danielle Cormack, Brooke Howard-Smith, Annie Crummer, Oliver Driver, Anna Fitzpatrick, Phil Gifford, Steve Gurney, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Mike Chunn, Anna Coddington, and many more to come.


Check out more at www.rattleyadags.co.nz

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