As Australian-made Moro bars hit New Zealand shelves, its makers are preparing fans for a difference in taste.

Cadbury is warning that Moro bars could taste a little different from now on. Moro bars previously made at the company’s Dunedin factory are now being made in Australia.

 Cadbury NZ managing director Matthew Oldham says that making a chocolate bar in a different factory “is like making a cake in a different kitchen”. “You can’t always guarantee it will turn out exactly the same.”

Moro is not the first Cadbury product to be moved overseas. The company has already upset chocolate-lovers by switching to British-made Creme Egg. Cadbury – makers of Moro bars, Minties, Roses boxed chocolates and scores of other sweets – began producing confectionery lines offshore last year. Basic recipes remained the same, but locally sourced ingredients, new equipment and processes created different-tasting food.

The consumer backlash was swift, with New Zealanders saying Thai-made Minties tasted less minty and felt less chewy.

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