CC’s and Aztec corn chips have been cut from supermarket shelves in New Zealand and have been replaced by a locally made version of the American brand Doritos.

Bluebird Foods, which makes CCs and Aztec corn chips, is understood to have conducted blind taste tests in which Doritos proved more popular. The company denies the move is to cut costs. Bluebird Party corn chips have also been discontinued.

All three brands are being removed from shelves and an advertising campaign to announce Doritos has begun. Senior brand strategist Wayne Attwell, of marketing firm Bold Horizon, said replacing three chip brands with a new one would have been done after much consultation.

“In the States, everybody knows Doritos … The risk is, of course, that you do lose some followers, but on the upside – because it’s a better known brand – you may pick up more.” Mr Attwell suspected the “economies of scale” surrounding making corn chips in New Zealand would have made it difficult to produce three different brands. Bluebird Foods acquired Aztec from Hansells NZ in 2005, and then was itself purchased by snack-food and beverage giant PepsiCo in July 2006.

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