New Zealand charities are being offered a financial lifeline from the estate of Hollywood legend Paul Newman.

“I never thought I`d get into science, but being able to turn salad dressing into a school bus – that`s the kind of chemistry that tickles the fancy.”  Paul Newman

Cash-strapped kiwi charities seeking funding can now apply for this year`s Paul Newman`s Own Foundation grants.

A total of $100,000 was generated via sales of Paul Newsman`s Own dressings in New Zealand last year and eligible charities can apply for grants of up to $20,000 each. Expression of interest should be received by Monday, May 10 2010.

Paul Newman was committed to helping make the world a better place. To carry on his philanthropic legacy, Newman`s Own Foundation donates all net royalties and profits after taxes it receives from the sale of Newman`s Own products to charity. Total worldwide donations generated from his range will exceed $350 USD million this year.  

The Foundation believes that its grants should have a meaningful, long-lasting impact on the challenges being addressed and all charities, both large and small, are invited to apply for funding.

Foundation spokesperson Sue Home says “Our work begins with the strong belief that giving back is the greatest opportunity and responsibility for making ours a better world.

“Paul Newman believed in sharing his good fortune with those in need. He never accepted any personal compensation from Newman`s Own, and donated every cent he earned from the sale of Newman`s Own products to charity. Newman`s Own Foundation is honoured to continue this generous tradition.”

Last year the Foundation donated a $100,000 to six organisations across New Zealand for a wide range of projects. These included the installation of a ventilation system in a children`s home in Christchurch, therapy for Autistic children in Dunedin, vehicles for the collection of donated goods in Palmerston North and Wellington, the resurfacing and upgrade of arena for riding for the disabled in Auckland, and upgrade of a special needs library in Whangarei.

In addition to this year`s charitable grants, the Foundation has proudly committed to a principal sponsorship of the 2010 Special Olympics being held in Adelaide in April. 

“Paul`s legacy of generosity continues with all the after tax profits from his fine food products going to worthy causes both here and around the globe”, said Home. “The Paul Newman`s Own range combines both Paul`s passion for fine food and his philanthropic vision, by offering consumers a truly delicious way to give.”

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