Exotic locations and fabulous food are back on the menu for season three of popular food and travel series, World Kitchen, which returns to TV3 next month.

In the latest season, vibrant Nici Wickes travels to Japan, Mexico, Hong Kong, India, and Jamaica, seeking out recipes that capture the essence of each culture.

Nici then brings those recipes home to New Zealand and re-creates them, using local, easily accessible ingredients. “Traditional fare is often steeped in history and ceremony which is so inspiring,” says Nici. “But some dishes, like a Mexican mole for example, can literally take all day to make.

“World Kitchen provides a streamlined version of each recipe that`s quick and easy to make in your own kitchen, while at the same time ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the dish isn`t compromised. “We`re all about delicious food!”

As well as being very popular in New Zealand, the series has also travelled well internationally, and has sold to networks in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and the United States.

Nici was even recognized on the streets in Hong Kong when filming season three – World Kitchen was screening during prime time while she was there.

This season, World Kitchen has stepped up a notch and become more adventurous on the road. As well as her usual visits to friends, families and restaurants, Nici was draped in a live snake in Hong Kong, had an `adverse` onscreen reaction to tequila in Mexico, and travelled to a small village in the mountains in central Jamaica to trace the origins of Jerk chicken. 

While she says she`s not necessarily into `extreme` food for the sake of it, Wickes will eat the odd insect or slurp back something slimy should the occasion require.

“World Kitchen isn`t about me acting; saying something`s lovely when it`s not. I always ask myself, `what would the viewer want to know about this experience`?

“In Oaxaca, Mexico for example (where they have over 60 different variety of chilli), one of their favourite snacks are chapulines which are fried grasshoppers. I tried them because I thought I should and I have to say, hand-on-heart, they were actually great. With a squeeze of lime, they`re citrusy with a kick of chilli!”

“Us Kiwis love variety in our diets and we are blessed to have access to such a wide selection of international cuisine here in New Zealand. World Kitchen is the home cook`s perfect weekly inspiration, we take you on a colourful journey out of your kitchen and show you delicious, mouth-watering recipes you can make at home for the whole family,” says Nici.

“I meet so many wonderful people and experience the most amazing cuisine this planet has to offer. I love my job!”

World Kitchen, TV3 from mid July, 2010, Brought to you by Tegel

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