The exclusive power of Coke has been proven again with news today that the head honchos at Coca-Cola HQ in NZ have made sure a newly invented carbonated milk drink can not be sold at the popular Mystery Creek field days event.

A Te Aroha dairy farmer who developed a carbonated milk drink has been banned by Coca-Cola from selling it at the National Agricultural Fieldays.

Richard Revell, who expects the first cans of the mo2 drink to go on sale in Hamilton in the next few weeks, spent six years developing it in his dairy shed and then commercially.

The cola and lemonade drinks – made using milk instead of water – have cola and lemonade tastes but with a pleasant extra dairy kick.

Mr Revell said he and his Waikato Innovation Park backers were shocked when they learned Coca-Cola would not let him sell the drinks in the Kiwi’s Best marquee at next month’s Fieldays, where the theme is innovation.

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