Discerning diners from across the Tasman are devouring the opportunity to tuck in to the superior taste of NZ King Salmon.

The canny Aussies have always had an ability to spot the best of New Zealand – and sometimes they have been known to claim a few of ours as their own. But while our cousins now have their eyes on our best salmon, there’s little chance the fish are going to do a Phar Lap and emigrate to Oz.
However, discerning diners across the Tasman are devouring the opportunity to tuck in to the superior taste of New Zealand’s King salmon species now it’s available fresh in the world’s second biggest fish market. Since March, the Sydney Fish Market has been stocking Regal’s King Salmon and sales have been nothing short of spectacular. While Regal has been selling in Australia for 10 years, in only three months the market has become the brand’s third biggest customer on the island continent.
The debut has been so spectacular, Sydney Fish Market managing director Grahame Turk has crossed the ditch to check out the source of the product that’s making such a splash in his domain. On his first visit to Regal producer NZ King Salmon in the Marlborough Sounds, Mr Turk says our King salmon species ranks among the best he has experienced.
“We are delighted to be able to offer Regal King Salmon products in the market and they are showing exceptionally strong results both amongst consumers and with professional cooks. King salmon certainly has caught the attention of Aussie palates – it has a terrific taste and it’s my salmon of choice.
“Coupled with King salmon’s well documented taste and Omega 3 advantages the Regal products have certainly made their mark in a very short time.” Grahame Turk’s comments are reflected in a recent report out of Australia that indicates the shrimp on the barbie is in danger of being assigned to the kleensak in favour of fish.
A Northern Tasmania ABC radio bulletin in May reported that salmon was now the biggest selling seafood in Australia.
NZ King Salmon’s success across the Tasman is not without effort. The company’s CEO Grant Rosewarne says years of hard work and investment in both the King salmon species and offshore markets are now paying big dividends for New Zealand. “During March and April we tripled sales to the Sydney Fish Market and we expect them to have quadrupled by the end of May.
“King salmon has twice the Omega 3 levels of the Atlantic salmon and is a superior tasting fish. We have been consistent in conveying these messages in international markets and particularly in Australia where King salmon is up against the Atlantic species farmed in Tasmania.”
NZ King Salmon exports 45 per cent of its production with around 35 per cent of that going to Australia.
About New Zealand King Salmon:
New Zealand King Salmon (NZKS) is New Zealand’s biggest integrated aquaculture producer employing more than 430 skilled workers. Currently the company produces 7,300 metric tonnes of King salmon annually from five sea farms in the Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand’s South Island. With 55 per cent of the global market, the company is the world’s biggest farmer and supplier of the King salmon variety earning around NZ$50 million a year in foreign exchange. It accounts for 70 per cent of New Zealand’s salmon production. NZKS has several market advantages including a great taste and a sustainable, disease free, chemical free, clean growing environment, pure King salmon (Chinook) brood stock, fresh-to-market distribution, vertical integration and supply chain product traceability. King salmon has the highest natural content of healthy Omega-3 oils vital for life and good health and which can help to maintain a healthy heart. It is available nationwide from supermarkets (NZ only), fish suppliers and good delicatessens.

For recipes and serving suggestions visit www.regalsalmon.co.nz.

For more information about NZ King Salmon visit http://www.kingsalmon.co.nz/

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