This month, the quintessential Kiwi beer Lion Red will undergo a facelift. A refreshing change, which will see a new Lion Red bottle and box hit the shelves.

Lion Red, the favourite beer for many since 1907, will still have the same beer on the inside just a bigger roar on the outside.

Did you know that the roar of an adult lion is so loud and forceful that it can raise a cloud of dust and be heard for up to 8 kilometers?  The new look Lion Red is increasing its roar to have the same impact as its icon – the king of the jungle.

In addition to the new-look packaging, the shape of the Lion Red bottle has changed and now sports a longer neck. The Kiwi classic has been revamped!

While the packaging and bottle shape have changed, one thing that hasn’t is the beer itself. It will still be the same Lion Red, a full-bodied, malt flavoured beer that appeals to most beer drinkers.

So if you’re picking up a pack in store from June, keep an eye out for the massive gold Lion.

Lion Red. Brewed fresh in your backyard.

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