Farmer Brown has hatched a brand new approach to helping consumers gain confidence in the kitchen. It is eggstraordinary!  At the same time, they will firmly establish themselves as innovators in the egg industry, armed with a marketing strategy that has never been seen before.

Appearing as a unique nine pack in a distinctive orange carton, Poachers are the newest addition to the Farmer Brown family. Specially selected, they are cracked up to be the ultimate eggs for poaching – guaranteed to produce perfectly poached eggs, every time. What more could you hope for on a Sunday brunch eggtravaganza?

Bernadette de Bono, Farmer Brown Marketing Manager, says that Poachers are not just a significant step forward for Farmer Brown, but also a first for the egg industry.

“Until now, the only option when selecting eggs was by size or grade. By offering a product based on end usage we are eliminating fuss, and instilling confidence in shoppers that these particular eggs will make them a star in the kitchen”, she says.

To guarantee the integrity of the product, Farmer Brown conducted independent tests to determine what the optimum size for a perfectly poached egg is. The exact size of the eggs needed to be pin pointed, and the yolk needed to stay firm in the centre of the egg and hold together with the egg white when poached.

The winners were eggs that had slightly more yolk, and therefore had not absorbed as much moisture from the egg white. Typically coming from slightly younger hens – Farmer Brown had found their perfect Poachers.

“From recent research, we know that there are many younger New Zealanders who lack confidence in their culinary skills. Farmer Brown Poachers will become their secret weapon in the kitchen, making a gourmet meal seem like a viable option at home”, de Bono says.

Farmer Brown Poachers are available at supermarkets nationally for a RRP of $2.79 per nine pack.

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