Our most loved and hated vegetables have been revealed, and there is no prize for guessing what our least favourite is. Loathed since childhood for many Kiwis,  Brussel Sprouts is now officially our most hated vege.

Our most loved and most hated vegetables have been revealed in a survey, and there’s no prize for guessing what our least favourite is.

Loathed since childhood for many Kiwis, the brussel sprout is now officially New Zealand’s least favourite vegetable.

But editor of New Zealand Gardener magazine, which carried out the survey, Jo McCarroll, is seeking some justice for a much maligned vegetable, which is one her favourites. She says its unpopularity is down to people over-cooking the vegetable.

“It’s because they’ve eaten them and they’ve been cooked for 10, 15 minutes. They just need to be cooked lightly.” She says the trick is to boil them for five minutes then add butter.

“They’re absolutely delicious; they’re fantastically good for you.” Of the thousands of people surveyed, only 16 said the brussel sprout was their favourite vegetable.

Potatoes are Kiwis most favourite vegetable, followed closely by tomatoes, according to the survey. Silverbeet was the only vegetable to make both the most loved and most hated list.

McCarroll says the vegetables that made the most favourite list tended to be the vegetables Kiwis eat most often. She says we need to give the vegetables we hated as children another go. “I mean 20 years ago, a lot of the vegetables [in the top 10 list], you wouldn’t have even been able to buy in the winter. Whereas brussel sprouts are a winter vegetable and not long ago, that was all you had.”

The July issue of NZ Gardener has declared July to be Brussels Sprout Awareness month. The magazine will be giving tips on growing them and cooking them.

Our most loved vegetables are:

Our most hated veges are:
Brussels sprouts
Red cabbage
Broad beans

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