All products of leading New Zealand baby and toddler range, Tommee Tippee will be bisphenol A (BPA) free by January 2011. Good news for kiwi parents.

 Following this week’s request from the New Zealand consumer watchdog for retailers to temporarily ban the sale of BPA products, supportive company Tommee Tippee confirms they are already underway with eliminating BPA from their range.
“Tommee Tippee  recognised New Zealand parents have become increasingly concerned with the type of plastics used in the production of baby, toddler and child products.  In response to this concern and following independent research, Tommee Tippee has committed to the progressive rollout of an entirely BPA free range,” says Caroline McIntosh, CEO of Tommee Tippee.
“Our entire Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature range, as well as many of our Tommee Tippee Discovera Cups and products are already BPA free. We are currently transitioning the remainder of our  existing line and anticipate that by  January 2011, all Tommee Tippee products will be BPA free.”
BPA is a common compound used in the production of many hard, clear bottles and containers (including those for adult consumption).Tommee Tippee has been phasing out BPA for several years and with the success of their BPA free Closer to Nature range, will continue this process with all of their products.
Tommee Tippee is now in the final stages of this important innovation.

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