This story out of the UK is all a bit icky but we said we would bring you the latest in Food News so here it is… A hair from the head of the late Princess Diana has been made into a jam for your toast. Mmmmm?

Jam made from one of Princess Diana’s hairs has been selling well at an art exhibition in London.

Sam Bompas, who founded catering company Bompas and Parr, says a tiny speck of the late Princess of Wales’ hair has been infused with gin, then combined with milk and sugar to make the preserve, which tastes like condensed milk. Bompas says he bought the hair off eBay for $US10 ($NZ16) from a US dealer who collects celebrity hair.

He said on Sunday that the product, called “occult jam”, aims to provoke people into thinking about food marketing and what they eat.

The jam is an exhibit at a surrealist art show at the Barbican Art Gallery, and in the first week 500 of the 5 pounds ($NZ12) jars have been sold.

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