A brew for belgium fresh ideas

Beer fans are in for a treat late July as Belgian Beer Cafes around NZ celebrate. Oooh and make sure you try the new Stella Artois Legere Beer. Low carb but wickedly good.

July is a hugely important month in Belgian history, traditionally celebrated with festivals, fireworks, feasting – and of course, beer! For those who can’t celebrate in Brussels, Belgian brew Stella Artois is the perfect beverage to commemorate when Belgium became independent from the Netherlands and crowned its first king in 1831.

You don’t have to be Belgian to enjoy this historic occasion. You just have to like Belgian beer – so head to a Belgian Beer Café and join in the festivities with a crisp, refreshing Stella Artois.

At the Belgian Beer Cafés can you be confident you’ll be the recipient of the 9-step Stella Artois Pouring Ritual. Starting from the shape of the chalice glass (to release the beer’s aroma and flavour), through to sacrificing some beer from the tap before starting the pour, to finally ensuring the perfect 2cm thick foam head (that protects the beer from oxygen and keeps it fresh) you’ll be guaranteed the best possible taste experience of your Stella Artois.

The Stella Artois story began in Leuven, Belgium in 1366 with the Den Horen Brewery, later renamed Artois after the master brewer Sebastian Artois. First brewed as a Christmas beer, now Stella Artois is enjoyed all year round by those who appreciate the finest quality and craftsmanship.

Stella Artois – no better way to celebrate Belgium!

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