For those of you unfortunate to miss the first episode of World Kitchen, be sure you set your recorder for 5.30pm this Sunday, TV3. In the first episode host and chef Nici Wickes had a giant taste of Mexican culture.

After a trip to the markets in Guadalajara, Nici travelled to the town of Tequila… where she has a gastronomic trip down memory lane. Nici then found herself invited to a backyard BBQ with some new local friends.

Having learned some amazing Mexican recipes Nici showed us how to prepare chicken tacos and revealed simple recipes for fresh cheese and chocolate pecan empanadas. Yummy!

You can head to World Kitchen for the recipes each week if you missed writing them down at the time.

This week World Kitchen is in Jamaica where Nici tries Rastafarian food before travelling deep into the mountains to trace the origins of Jamaican jerk chicken. In the kitchen back home Nici prepares jerk chicken with a makeshift home smoker, followed by a moist lime, rum cake.

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