For the first time in New Zealand there is now a great tasting flavoured water that contains zero sugar, zero artificial sweeteners and zero carbohydrates.

zerowater uses a new 100% natural sweetener called stevia which means you can avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Stevia is also carbohydrate free so you can enjoy the taste and not worry about your waistline. In comparison, other flavoured waters contain 4-5 teaspoons of sugar which are carbohydrates and calories that most of us just don`t want.

We love the all new slimline, 800ml bottle and best of all the plastic bottle is BPA free which means zero chemicals leaching out from our bottle into your body or the environment.

zerowater is owned and manufactured right here in New Zealand. It is bottled at source from a beautiful tranquil location renowned for being one of the best, cleanest natural springs in New Zealand.

The range comes in three variants; Exotic Berry, Mandarin Twist and Natural Spring (unflavoured).

The zerowater concept has been developed here in New Zealand by the Healthy Beverage Company.

zerowater is available from all good supermarkets, service stations and dairies.

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