GUINNESS drinkers in New Zealand will soon notice something different next time they order a pint of Guinness in the pub – a new-look pint glass.

The new GUINNESS glassware has been specifically created to enhance the enjoyment of the perfect pint and exudes quality and distinctiveness that GUINNESS is renowned for.

The new pint glass will continue to deliver a delightfully rewarding drinking experience.
Philip Doyle, Country Manager for Diageo NZ, says “As the distinctive premium quality offering in the beer category, we are excited to introduce the new GUINNESS pint glass. The glass is an evolution of the existing, well-loved tulip glass and we believe our consumers will have an improved drinking experience as a result.”

The new design enhances the unique settling of GUINNESS, bringing the pint to life. The curvature of the distinctive new glass, inspired by the existing tulip, is coupled with the unique sculpting which mimics the Harp design and makes this the ideal vessel for serving a perfect pint of GUINNESS.

Innovations like the new GUINNESS glassware demonstrate the brand?s ongoing commitment to quality, and to providing consumers with a truly premium, iconic vessel from which to drink their favourite premium beer. The new glass serves as an amplifier of the experience of drinking GUINNESS, building on and reinforcing a choice well made.

GUINNESS fans will appreciate that the contemporary new design still requires the carefully crafted 2 part pour, which is still delivered using the same 5 steps, while affording an enriched drinking experience of the perfect pint. The new pint glass will initially only be available in a select number of GUINNESS bars throughout New Zealand from 24th September.

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