Tea made in NZ for NZ'ers now available fresh ideas

Twinings is proud to announce the launch today of a delicious new tea especially created to get New Zealand off to a great start every morning.

Inspired by the magic of birdsong in the bush as day breaks, the new, limited edition Twinings New Zealand Breakfast Tea is available in-store nationwide from today, 13th September.

The NZ tea is the creation of Nelson local Andrew Fenemor who won the Twinings New Zealand Breakfast Tea Challenge in April. 

The competition — a world-first for Twinings — challenged people to create a blend of tea that captured the essence of New Zealand. Around 250 people submitted entries using the Twinings range as a base, which then went to a judging panel that included Stephen Twining, 10th generation of the Twinings family, New Zealand Master Tea Taster and Blender Matt Greenwood, Paul Henry, Kate Hawkesby, Celia Harvey and Dr Laurence Eyres.

Fenemor’s flavoursome blend came out on top with judges describing it as “brilliantly unique.” In May, Fenemor travelled to London where he met with Stephen Twining and the Twinings Tea Masters who helped him fine-tune his blend. The result is a full-bodied, satisfying blend with generous malty flavours.

“Adjustments were made to ensure the flavour between the tea bags and loose leaf was consistent but other than that it is very similar to my original blend. I enjoy a good hearty cup of tea in the morning and I think it is just that,” Fenemor says.

Fenemor had a tour of the Twinings factory just outside of London and the original Twinings Tea Shop on the Strand that opened 304 years again.

“Twinings has a tea library of 35,000 teas at its tasting facility, we tasted a mere 30 or so.    We were able to draw comparisons with our tasting experiences of NZ olive oils – not that they taste anything like tea – but it was a fantastic experience to see how the tea tasting process is done,” Fenemor says.

Stephen Twining and Fenemor will meet again in Nelson on August 23 where they will be sampling the tea in supermarkets giving people a sneak preview tasting before it goes on sale. Stephen Twining will also visit Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton for a series of supermarket samplings.  

Twinings New Zealand Breakfast Tea will be available in supermarkets nationwide from September 13 for a limited time.  

For more information visit www.twinings.co.nz

Quick Factoids:

·      Where will Twinings New Zealand Breakfast Tea be available? 
All good supermarkets nationwide. 
·      What is the RRP?
A box of 80 tea bags is $7.99 – $8.99. Loose leaf is $5-$6
·      What is the best way to serve the blend?
Serving recommendation is with milk and brewed for three minutes.

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