The perfect cracker is one that not only tastes great, but is the ideal size to heap with a generous serving of your favourite toppings.

The new Huntley & Palmers snack size range are the ultimate crackers for topping and dipping. They’re the perfect size to pop into your mouth with a wedge of cheese or to enjoy with a scoop of dip.

The new range comes in three great flavours: Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed, and Sea Salt with a Hint of Chilli.

Fantastic for when you’re having a few crackers with a drink, or pairing with whatever’s in the fridge for after-work snacking. Throw together a platter – whether it’s just for yourself, two of you, or entertaining for friends – perfect for the upcoming summer barbecue season!

Now in a box, they’re great for grazing – just grab a handful and get stuck into these tempting topping suggestions: heaped with pesto and feta; topped with cheddar and relish; or enjoy with creamy hummus…. the possibilities are endless!

And they are DELICIOUS!

New Huntley & Palmers Snack Size are now available from supermarkets nationwide for RRP $3.59.

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