Watties New Zealand celebrates the abundance of homegrown with their new Pick Of The Crop look, out on kiwi supermarket shelves this month.

We all love the flavour and quality of the pick of the crops from locally grown fruit and vegetables.
Growing and sourcing the very best fruit and vegetables from New Zealand farmers has been one of Wattie?s strengths since the company was founded in 1934.
To help better communicate this proud tradition to consumers, Wattie?s is relaunching the packaging for its canned and frozen Pick of the Crop™ range with a “Grown in NZ” logo, where this applies. This will reassure people the quality and natural goodness of the product is world class. 
All of the fruit and vegetables that go into Wattie?s products are of the highest quality and most are grown right here in New Zealand by local farmers. To give you a taste of what goes into Wattie?s products, here are some behind-the-scenes tidbits: 
– Last year Wattie?s produced around 62 billion peas. If these were laid out in a line it would stretch around the world one and a half times. 
– All the peaches, pears, plums, boysenberries and nectarines that go into Wattie?s products are hand-picked. 
– Wattie?s has a number of third generation orchardists who have been supplying Wattie?s with product since 1934. 
– Pears from the orchard planted by Sir James Wattie 50 years ago, continue to be canned to this day.    
– Each year Wattie’s processes 20 different fruit and vegetable crops for a wide range of products.
– Wattie’s is the largest processor of local crops in the NZ grocery market.
– Approximately 120,000 tonnes of local crops are processed each year. 
The new look packaging across both canned and frozen goods will start to appear nationwide from October – keep an eye out for the fresh new look, and enjoy the great taste from the Pick of the Crop™!
For more information visit http://www.watties.co.nz/

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