Double the Dum Dee Doo Fresh ideas

It is now double the Dum Dee Doo. Griffins new Cookie Bear Twin packs are twice the fun…

New Zealand’s favourite Cookie brand now has double the fun with a delicious new range of Cookie Bear Twin Packs. A staple in Kiwi families’ cupboards for more than 40 years, Griffin’s new Cookie Bear Biscuits have something for the whole family.

Available in three delicious new flavours:

Cookie Bear Anzac Cookies (as pictured) – Crunchy Anzac biscuits with rolled oats and golden syrup – an iconic Kiwi favourite!

Cookie Bear White Choc Chip Cookies – Choc chippies with a twist – enjoy a delicious, chocolate biscuit filled with creamy, white choc chippies.

Cookie Bear Double Choc Chip Cookies – Especially for chocolate lovers, this yummy Cookie Bear cookie has double the chocolate with a combination of chocolate biscuit and choc chippies.

The new Cookie Bear twin-pack range are individually sealed to help retain freshness, very convenient making them great for picnics or when you’re out and about, or simply enjoy at home for a tasty little treat.

Bound to be hit with the family, the new Cookie Bear twin-packs range has more for everyone to enjoy. Try new Griffin’s Cookie Bear twin-pack range from your local supermarket today for just RRP $5.29 per pack … Dum Dee Doo!

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