New developments in Europe have underlined that New Zealand has a lack of investment in the leading edge of high value food production.

France has taken the initiative over organics seriously as the world organics market continues to expand, by committing €10 million to support for organic conversions of farms. This sum is part of the French government’s €100 million support for organic initiatives.

Bruno le Maire, French Minister of Agriculture, has announced a target of converting a further 30% of French farmers to organic production.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, Waitrose has reflected the growing interest in locally sourced, origin identified food by confirming its ongoing support for Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish.

The Grimsby industry, which has been famous for its smoked fish for generations, has just achieved PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) with the European Union.

In spite of New Zealand’s much vaunted food production role, there are no New Zealand foods which hold the equivalent of PGI status.

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