Charlies Takeaways of Rakaia placed a winning bid of $805 for 10 slabs (just under 30 kilos) of the 14.58 metre, world record-breaking Chocolate Bar with all proceeds going to Cantabrians affected by the September 4th 7.1 magnitude Earthquake.

The chocolate bar cost Ashburton company Bullrush Chocolates $6,000 to make and broke the previous Guinness Book of Records Longest Chocolate Bar record of 11.57 metres. Charlies Takeaways, a specialist Liquid Waste company, are working 12-hour days in Kaiapoi after the Canterbury earthquake, but leapt at the chance to bid for the chocolate slabs.

Charlie Tomlin, co-owner of Charlies Takeaways, said it`s a novel way to help. “And a pleasant change from the usual brown stuff we often deal with!” he said with a grin.
Charlies Takeaways will package smaller blocks of the Fair Trade Organic chocolate to gift to staff, clients and fellow members of the Volunteer Fire Service.

“Quality 100% chocolate for people who gave 110% after the quake,” said Charlies Takeaways co-owner Jill Tomlin. “When they bite into it, they`ll bite into a piece of history.”

Charlies Takeaways are helping the Waimakariri District Council to clear Kaiapoi`s sewerage and drain water systems – their Jetting truck clears silt by blasting high pressure water.

“We can`t thank our team enough,” said Charlie Tomlin. “A silver lining after the quake is seeing people giving their all no matter how tired they are.” The Trade Me chocolate bar auction generated a lot of interest – from cheeky questions on Trade Me, to news media in Middle East.

Will Charlie and Jill keep some of the chocolate? “We`ve had a wee nibble – it`s fantastic chocolate,” said Jill. “But we`re giving all the rest away. And we`re too busy to eat nearly 30 kilos of chocolate – no matter how yummy it is!”

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