We are pretty excited about Tasty Pots. Giant couscous, like little balls of sunshine bobbling around on your tongue in a citrus tide. As refreshing as running through a sprinkler in your knickers.

Please say hello to just one of the new Summer BBQ recipes from Tasty?Pot: Giant Couscous Salad with corn, roasted red pepper, sumac pumpkin and citrus dressing. The sweetest of sweet corn. The BBQ tones of roasted red capsicum. A couple of mint leaves from your garden and the occasional wayward sandhopper if you’re not careful.

When we first saw the Tasty Pot range, we thought how wonderful to see healthy alternatives for ready-made-meals… and the meals from Tasty Pot are terrific. They truly are very tasty and deceptively filling. There’s lots of gluten-free or vegan options. Ingredients are locally-sourced where ever possible and there are no colourings, additives or preservatives. 

Each?Tasty Pot is?low?in?saturated?fat,?high?in?fibre?and?is?2?portions?towards?your?recommended?5?per?day.??This?recipe?is?a?little?bit?extra?special?as?it?can?be?eaten?either hot?or?cold,?whether?that’s?under?a?tree?at?lunch,?a?filling?dinner?for?one,?or?a?couple?of generous?side?portions?to?your?meat?on?the?BBQ.?

Kick off your sandals, slap on some sunscreen, and ease yourself into a Tasty Pot this summer, knowing you’re getting a healthy variety of veges without anything weird or unnatural.?

Tasy Pot flavours include: Quinoa Super Salad, All Your Greens, Mushroom and Barley Risotto, Roast Veg Hotpot and Thai Green Curry. And of course that Giant?Couscous?Salad?with?corn,?roasted?red?pepper,?sumac?pumpkin?&?citrus?dressing.  Scrummy!

Tasty Pots are available from selected supermarkets in the upper North Island for $7.49 or find out more at http://www.tastypot.co.nz/

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