Genoese is an honest kiwi company that strives to provide their customers with the freshest, most delicious pesto`s at the fairest price, all year round.

This Pesto Passion was what drove them to create their signature pesto, Genoese Gourmet Ground Pesto (from $5.40) – fine traditional pesto with tastes that are consistently good and prices that assure value for money.

The fresh herbs used in Genoese pesto`s were originally only grown in the Horowhenua, known as `Food bowl of New Zealand` but due to the growing demand by consumers, Genoese decided to also grow crops in Fiji, where the warm climate would abundant growth all year round.

Careful crop management, harvesting and unique processing of the herbs has helped Genoese capture the sweetness and freshness of the Fijian herbs. The farmers in Fiji are proud of their produce and absolutely guarantee the quality and freshness of their crops.

This signature product from Genoese is preservative, gluten, soya, MSG and additive free, and the amount of fresh basil that is included makes it a great source of Vitamin K, Iron and Calcium.

Genoese Gourmet Ground Pesto will help you create scrumptious meals in moments as they have kept this sensational cooking ingredient authentic, by sticking to the traditional Italian recipe of a delicious combination of fresh sweet basil leaves finely chopped with garlic, parmesan cheese, pine nuts and olive oil.

This vibrant pesto will add a burst classic basil flavour and colour to almost any dish! It`s the kind of pesto you want to drown every piece of pasta in, so it drips with fresh colour and flavours that will make your tastebuds sing. It`s also fantastic with other sorts of food, smeared over baked salmon, mashed into potatoes, mixed into stuffing or used as a replacement to butter on sandwiches to add a new flavour punch!
Genoese products are stocked at all good supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide. To locate your nearest stockist or for further information visit Genoese

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