They claim Crowded House as theirs. They still think they invented Pavlova. And now our Charlie`s is what that are after. When the Aussies fall for a Kiwi icon, you know what we have must be a damn good thing.

Australian juice lovers are saying they love the Kiwi drop Charlie’s as much as we do. Leading supermarket operator Coles is about to start stocking 11 different Charlie’s ‘not from concentrate’ juice and smoothie products.
The 750 store chain has been testing Charlie’s products in selected stores nation-wide over the last year – and juice fans have told them it’s a taste they love.
The multi-million dollar Coles deal has the potential to double Charlie’s sales in Australia and calls for a huge supply of lemons – more than four million additional lemons a year – to keep up with demand. Charlie’s marketing manager Ron Curteis says the brand’s ‘honest’ stance fits well in the Australian market.
“Like Kiwis, Aussies are pretty straight shooters so they don’t put up with too much BS. When they find a good honest product they stick with it and Coles understands this. “Having said that, it’s a well-developed juice market across the Tasman and a tough one to crack so this is big news for us and for New Zealand.
“Our ‘not from concentrate’ positioning has proven its value and we now have a big foot in a door leading to a huge market – and most of that is down to the fact we use the best ingredients and have innovative, honest and fun packaging.”
Spearheading the range is Charlie’s Old Fashioned Lemonade[1] supported by a further 10 Charlie’s products including the brand’s famed Spirulina Smoothie. Eight of the eleven flavours will be available in all 750 Coles supermarkets across Australia from the beginning of November. “Charlie’s Old Fashioned Lemonade is a favourite amongst New Zealanders so we were keen to see what our Australian cousins thought of it,” Curteis says. “The sales team has been working on the deal with Coles for more than 12 months and the Charlie’s Quenchers and Smoothies have been trialled in a selection of 37 Coles stores across Australia.
The product launch is backed by an in-store marketing program and a “cheeky” consumer marketing launch.
The Charlie’s brand was launched in Australia only two years ago and along with the company’s other brand Phoenix Organics, they have both gained favour in some of the nation’s trendiest cafés, restaurants and hotels.
Charlie’s varieties ranged by Coles in Australia are Old Fashioned Lemonade Quencher, Mango and Orange Quencher and Raspberry Quencher. Smoothie flavours ranged include Berry, Spirulina, Guava and Mango.
There are 750 Coles supermarkets in Australia with 100,000-plus employees and more than 11 million customer transactions every week.
About Charlie’s: Charlie’s Group Limited is a New Zealand owned company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and operating principally in the Australasian market. The company manufactures and markets a range of ‘not from concentrate’ fruit juices as well as smoothies and organic beverages. Principal brands are Charlie’s and Phoenix Organics. The business was established by friends Stefan Lepionka (CEO), Marc Ellis (director) and Simon Neal (distribution manager) in 1999 and floated on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in July 2005. Charlie’s operates in New Zealand and Australia and exports to territories in Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent.

Charlie’s Old Fashioned Lemonade recently won at the annual awards of the New Zealand Juice & Beverage Association.

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