The new cookbook Fresh! is a celebration of all that is good about Kiwi produce. Fresh! is a book that will make you swell up with pride about just how good we have it here in NZ.

Chef Peter Blakeway, his wife Anne and their two children emigrated here six years ago and they fell in love with our country, our cuisine and our fresh, raw produce.

They set about exploring the many regions which make up New Zealand, discovering delicious ingredients to cook with along the way.

Then, Peter, who’s worked everywhere from Claridges to the five-star Boca Raton Resort and Club in Florida, set about putting his own spin on the best fresh ingredients we have to offer, creating ‘his food’ – the recipes he’s refined over his long career in the kitchen.

Peter’s philosophy is tasty, fresh food that recognises its roots in nature.

The recipes in Fresh! are all accessible and anyone with a standard pantry and kitchen can achieve them. Both Peter and Anne emphasise the importance of food as a tool to bring people together and to this end the book was a family affair with the couple’s home the location for many of the photos and their young sons roped in to help out.

Working with renowned photographer Simon Young means the book is packed with stunning imagery of both the food and the area and the region it comes from. The emphasis on the unprocessed is followed through in the photography, which uses natural light and photographs the food in an edible, hot state.

Fresh! is Peter and Anne’s love letter to their new home. A celebration of all that’s good about Kiwi produce, it’s a book that will make us all swell up with pride about just how good we have it here.

Fresh! is a culinary journey around New Zealand, discovering regional ingredients.  Each chapter represents one of 17 regions and explores three or four ingredients particular to that area, along with recipes using that produce. Stunning landscape photographs introduce each chapter and every
recipe is photographed. There are recipes to suit every taste, including a simple potato salad using Otago Jersey Bennes, barbequed Marlborough crayfish, Canterbury lamb shanks and amazing Bay of Plenty avocado chocolate tart.

About Peter and Anne: Award-winning professional chef Peter Blakeway has almost twenty years’ experience in the hospitality industry, ten years of it spent running the critically acclaimed Kilcamb Lodge with his wife Anne in the Scottish Highlands. Peter has also worked at the five-star Claridges Hotel in London, Michelin-starred Gidleigh Park in Devon, and the five-star, 1000 room Boca Raton Resort and Club in Florida. Peter and Anne immigrated to New Zealand in 2004 and opened the Deli on Devonport in
Tauranga in 2005 and, shortly after, the Plenti Cookschool. Peter has appeared on several TV programmes, including Robson Green’s ‘Extreme Fishing’ for UK’s Channel 5 and the ‘New Zealand on a Plate’ series.

Fresh! The best of New Zealand – from market to table
By Peter & Anne Blakeway. Photography by Simon Young

Published by Hodder Moa
November, 2010 – $49.99 RRP

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