Things are heating up in the kitchen with MyRecipeBook, a software application that allows you to access your recipes anywhere, anytime. No internet access required!

Launched by the new kiwi-based site, the application allows registered users to download and store all their recipes on their computers meaning favourite recipes can be accessed even when out of range of an internet connection – like in the kitchen, at the bach, or anywhere away from home.

MyRecipeBook application was started by experienced food marketer Helen Syron – a keen recipe cook – who came up with the idea while travelling to and from the Bay of Plenty for holidays.

“I used to carry numerous cookbooks with me and thought it would be much easier if I had all my favourite recipes stored on my computer. Given poor internet connections at the beach, it was important to be able to access my recipe library offline”, says Helen.

“I also discovered I couldn`t download recipes from the internet to an application on my computer – the options were to print out the recipe or remember which site the recipe was on – so I decided to create a recipe application myself.”

Helen briefed a software designer who came up with a searchable database application to allow people to download recipes and use them wherever they are without the need to go online. Thus,  was born.

Launched in July this year, MyRecipeBook is already proving popular with foodies everywhere. It also features recipes from popular New Zealand food writers such as Lauraine Jacobs and Fresh In the Kitchen`s Trudi Nelson.

“People always have more time and inclination to cook when on holiday and now more food lovers like me can enjoy getting off the beaten track in our gorgeous country and preparing all their favourite dishes.”

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