Looking for something sweet and healthy to fill the gift hampers with this Christmas? Delight your family and friends with the delicious and healthy range of natural and exotic floral honeys from Airborne.

Airborne Floral Honeys each have a distinct taste, fragrance and flavour as they are predominantly made from one single nectar source. Airborne Honey has chosen a range of New Zealand native nectar sources to compile their wonderful range, making them a distillation of the very essence of natural New Zealand!
As well as being the perfect exotic and indulgent Christmas gift, Airborne Floral Honeys are:
Check out the back of your jar of Airborne Floral Honey – printed on the label is the exact percentage of the pollen source in your jar of honey  – so you can see that it contains exactly what the label says it does.
You can also trace the honey right back to the beehive it came from using the batch number. Every jar of Airborne Floral Honey is totally traceable.
Airborne Honey is the only honey brand that can verify if the honey has been heat damaged by testing the HMF levels. The honey is tested twice to be sure it remains undamaged after packing, so they can make sure that as much of the goodness of natural New Zealand Honey is retained as possible during packing.

Floral varieties:
The taste spectrum of Airborne Floral Honeys ranges from bitter to sweet and the texture from clear to creamy – so there is one to suit all of your loved ones, from the exotic Vipers Bugloss, to the herbal Thyme Honey.
For the traditionalist in your family. Reassure them that the good things in life never change –
–       Manuka – a dark coloured, strongly flavoured honey with herbal, woody characteristics, and a fresh clean bite to finish. Perfect for all uses – from a tea sweetner right through to glazing the Christmas Ham.

–       Clover – New Zealand’s most common honey type, Clover Honey is light in colour with a delicate floral bouquet and flavour. Clover Honey on thickly buttered toast is an iconic Kiwi breakfast. There’s nothing like it.

For the foodie in your life. Spice up their world with –
–       Kamahi – a strong flavoured honey with very complex flavours and after tones that send honey gourmets into paroxysms of delight. Cooking and baking recipes, which require an identifiable honey flavour benefit immensely from these flavor sensations.

–       Thyme – probably New Zealand’s strongest flavoured honey with a pungently distinctive herbal aroma. As a recipe ingredient, Thyme honey is a wonderful gourmet treat, but needs to be used carefully. A little goes a long way!

For the rebel in your life who likes to do things a little differently –
–       Rata – a very light coloured honey with a distinctive, almost salty taste. A winner with those who enjoy exotic and unusual flavours.

–       Vipers Bugloss – a delicately flavour honey with a floral bouquet. Being high in fructose, it is excellent as a drink sweetener, especially coffee where it imparts another flavour dimension.

For the lady in your life, treat her to a taste of luxury –

–       Manuka with Wildflower – a dark, velvety, flavorsome honey with a blend of clover, kamahi and tawari wildflowers. An exotic taste she’ll love.

–       Nodding Thistle – a magnificent light coloured honey with a perfumed floral bouquet and subtle flavour. A sensory explosion to be savoured.

For the man in your life who likes his flavors strong, gutsy and perfect for a BBQ marinade –
–       Honeydew – a full flavored, malty, heady honey with one of the strongest flavours in the range.  Honeydew is the perfect choice to add richness to marinades and roasts.

–       Rewarewa – A full-bodied honey with a burnished amber hue. A hint of Rustic woolsheds pervades the complex aroma. The ideal start to his day.

So for the perfect Christmas gift, look no further than the Airborne range of exotic floral honeys. With the extensive range of floral varieties on offer, Christmas gift shopping just got a whole lot easier.
·       Airborne Honey is available at all major supermarkets nationwide
·       Airborne Floral Honey range from RRP $8.99
·       www.airborne.co.nz

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