Christmas is the time of year that you are expected to be a domestic goddess, with treats magically whipped up for all the unexpected visitors and summer entertaining occasions, but let’s face it – you simply don’t have the time. Let Country Culinaire be your Christmas fairy this year.
If you don’t have a fail-safe secret family recipe, be prepared this summer and have a Country Culinaire Traditional Christmas Pudding or Pavlova in the freezer – easy handmade gourmet desserts that are so good you can claim them as your own.
The Traditional Christmas Puddings come frozen in two or four individually wrapped and festive-looking packs, and taste as homemade as they look – beautifully moist, with luscious, plump, rich fruit. They have delicious aromas of fragrant spice, and a sweetness balanced by a touch of alcohol in the yummy brandy sauce. Puddings can be defrosted a few days before Christmas, then microwaved in seconds; or heated in a traditional oven for around 25 minutes. Each mouthful is something quite unique – you won’t believe it until you try it!

The award-winning Country Culinaire Pavlova Roulades are perfect for people with any level of cooking skills. The instructions are simple – just thaw and serve. Packed with berries and fruit, there are seven different varieties: Raspberry; delicious Passion Fruit; decadent Chocolate Mousse; Coffee & Hazelnut; zingy Lemon & Lime; Feijoa; and heavenly Blueberry with a hint of Lavender. The best thing is they are naturally good -containing no added colours, preservatives or emulsifiers.

This silly season, don’t panic – just have a Country Culinaire dessert in the freezer. Country Culinaire products are available at selected New World Supermarkets, Delis and selected Fresh Choice.
Country Culinaire – their secret family recipe, you can claim as your own!

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