Iconic New Zealand brand Kapiti has launched a new range of gourmet yoghurt and it is exceptional! You simply must indulge… especially on the Butterscotch Swirl and the Champagne Rhubarb. Mmmm.

The gourmet yoghurt launch is Kapiti’s first foray into the yoghurt category and draws upon the boutique brand’s 26 years of expertise in taste and innovation. The range consists of four distinctive flavours, Butterscotch, Champagne Rhubarb, Passion Mango and Vanilla Bean. 
“We are constantly working to create innovative products and original New Zealand flavour combinations; a range of yoghurt was the natural next step for the Kapiti brand. Our yoghurt is beautifully thick and creamy, and has a unique smooth flavour, combined with naturally sweet Kamahi Honey,” says Renee Milkop-Kerr, Kapiti yoghurt’s marketing manager.
The new yoghurt has been nine months in the making with numerous trials, 156 different flavour combinations and eight different yoghurt cultures to ensure that the taste and texture was just right.
“Kapiti is known for producing quality products and we wanted to ensure that our yoghurt was the best it could possibly be. We are proud of the final result, the yoghurt is made from the finest ingredients with flavour combinations which are unique to Kapiti, such as butterscotch,” says Renee Milkop-Kerr.

Key to its uniqueness is the way in which the flavour is suspended throughout the yoghurt thanks to a bit of Kiwi ingenuity. A Kapiti staff member developed a simple technique that allows each flavour to be swirled evenly throughout the yoghurt pottle, ensuring each spoonful has a balance of yoghurt and flavour.
The thick and creamy texture belies the fact that Kapiti yoghurt is 95% fat free, making it the perfect after-dinner treat.
“Kapiti yoghurt offers the best of both worlds; the goodness of yoghurt with a truly inspired decadent taste, making it an indulgence you can enjoy every day.
The Kapiti yoghurt range is available from leading supermarkets and good food stores; the RRP for a 450gm tub is $5.50.

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