The Kiwi bloke is now working smarter, not harder. He no longer stays up late to watch sport… he records it. He is not doing the gutters or weeding the garden… he just pays someone else to do it. He is not getting hungover… he just switches to mid-strength beer!

“Anyone with new years’ resolutions in 2011 would be smart to switch to a mid-strength beer for certain occasions, as it really allows you to do more while still making the most of being social,” says Todd Gordon, premium beer Marketing Manager at Lion Nathan.

The mid-strength beer category is growing in popularity internationally. It is the second largest category in the Australian market, with well over one in four beers now sold in Australia in the lower strength category. However, until 2009 the category did not exist in New Zealand.

In June 2009, Lion Nathan New Zealand released the country’s first mid-strength beer: Steinlager Edge, a full-flavoured lager with no additives or preservatives and a lower alcohol by volume than other standard beers in the market.

At 3.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), Edge provides New Zealand consumers with a new choice outside the full-strength beer category and gives them an opportunity to make appropriate beverage choices to suit the occasion.

“There are times when a beer is cherished: post sport training, a quick drink on the way home from work or over lunch – but the after-effects are not,” says Gordon. “That’s when a change to a mid-strength can be a really smart move.”

Research in New Zealand found that males aged 30+ were looking for a mid-strength beer that tastes as good as the beers they are used to, but allows them to do everything in their life without compromise.

With more men wanting to enjoy life to the full, the old lager lout is a thing of the past: Steinlager Edge is giving them a smarter option – and a greater likelihood of keeping those new year’s resolutions.

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