Guaranteed to be more enjoyable than sand in your togs or a jellyfish wrapped around your legs, the mouth-watering Subway Chicken Sensation has now hit Subway restaurants in NZ… And it is going to be a palate pleaser!


Starring succulent, tender 100% chicken breast coated in a light panko crumb, SUBWAY Chicken Sensation is served with a delicious tangy lime and coriander sauce exclusive to SUBWAY restaurants as a sub or wrap. Like all SUBWAY subs, the SUBWAY Chicken Sensation can be customised with our freshly baked bread, crisp salads and tasty sauces.

 “This is a delicious new flavour combination that Kiwis are going to love” says John Sinclair, SUBWAY iFAF Board Chairman for New Zealand.  “Chicken Sensation was incredibly well received in our initial market trials so we’re expecting it to be a popular choice this summer.”

The new SUBWAY Chicken Sensation is now available at participating SUBWAY restaurants nationwide, but only for a limited time.

RRP $7.60 for a SUBWAY 6-INCH sub and $11.70 for a SUBWAY FOOTLONG sub.

Go to to find out more, and even order yours online.

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