No longer just a Christmas treat, turkey is a healthy, versatile meat to be used all year round.

Top turkey producer Tegel has unveiled its latest range of fresh, tray-packed turkey, which includes tenderloins, breast, thighs, mince and mini drums, making it easier than ever to prepare a limitless array of delicious, healthy dishes featuring this lean and tasty meat.

“It is incredibly easy to substitute turkey into your existing meal plan, or let your imagination soar as you create new delectable dishes. When you’re trying to come up with different meal ideas it’s great to have lots of easy family-pleasing options” says Tegel Category Manager Tania Kilpatrick.

Sarah Hanrahan from the NZ Nutrition Foundation says she is impressed with turkey’s versatility and health benefits.

“Turkey is high in protein and has a low glycaemic impact so it keeps you feeling full and satisfied for longer. Not only that, turkey is high in selenium which is important in building a healthy immune system,” says Hanrahan.

But that’s not all. Turkey also has less saturated fat and calories than red meat and is extremely versatile to cook with.

Tegel’s new website is dedicated to turkey and is packed full of delicious recipes to get the creative cooking juices flowing. Try the Mouth-Watering Stuffed Turkey Breasts, Seasonal Greens & Turkey Thigh Stir-Fry, Turkey Thyme & Red Pepper Rissoles, or Juicy Turkey Meatballs in Tomato and Basil Sauce.

Tegel’s fresh tray-packed turkey is available in turkey skinless breast, turkey tenderloins, turkey mince, turkey thighs and turkey mini drums at all good supermarkets.

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