There has been an amazing response from the NZ food and grocery industry after the Christchurch earthquake on Tuesday 22nd February. If there is a food company to support in the future, it will be on this list.

The FGC has submitted a report to the Minister of Food Coordination, Paula Bennett, detailing the progress its Member companies are making in delivering emergency supplies to Christchurch.

FGC CEO Katherine Rich says in the report, “Members of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council (FGC) continue to focus on supporting the work of the emergency response agencies and are doing all they can to assist our retail partners Foodstuffs and Progressive with getting as many of their stores operational.”

“Our members are in constant contact with the Salvation Army, Civil Defence and your office on this point. We are careful to manage this coordination because we are aware that it’s important to tailor the response to what the response groups actually want rather than inundating them with product.”

“We can confirm that despite the extreme challenges that New Zealand has a robust and resilient food network. All our member companies are working hard to maintain good supplies of food, water and other consumer goods into the city.”

“We would like to thank you for your personal intervention to assist Goodman Fielder with getting their 40,000 loaves out of their Essex St factory on Wednesday. As a result, and with the assistance of Civil Defence, they got the bread through to the hospital and other emergency centres that day.”

“Below is a list of goods and services which have been deployed or pledged. It is by no means complete and it grows by the day. We appreciate that some goods are needed now, but that the need will also be over the coming weeks and months.”

· Coca-Cola Amatil has distributed 300 pallets of water and is doing another 60 pallets per day (72,000 bottles) until further notice. This work has been lead by George Adams, Managing Director of CCA. George is also the Chairman of the Food & Grocery Council.

· Fonterra has distributed fresh water from tankers, and UHT milk

· Sanitarium is distributing breakfast products daily to emergency centres via four wheel drives and trailers. Sanitarium’s centre at Harewood Road remains in full swing. Locals are using Sanitarium’s water bore for fresh water. A number of our members have sent goods to Sanitarium for dispatch from there. Pierre van Heerden is leading this work and he is vice-Chairman of FGC.

· Goodman Fielder have reestablished baking at its Essex St bakery and are delivering 40,000 loaves per day to emergency centres and open stores; Plans are in place to send down more than 50 pallets of freshly baked pizzas and pies for free distribution. This is in addition to biscuits and cakes. These are likely to be donated through the Salvation Army. We have discussed with you the option of the New Zealand Army assisting with this.

· Hubbards has delivered breakfast cereals to emergency groups

· Mars will be donating significant amounts of food, chocolate and petfood as well making a cash donation to the Red Cross.

· Unilever is working with Red Cross with tea, soups and cleaning products. It has offered to donate significant quantities of shelf stable staple food, personal care and home care items once it’s clear what further support is needed.

Unilever has already dispatched their refreshments trucks to give away Lipton Iced Tea and Streets Ice Cream refreshments. Two trucks have already been out providing much needed refreshments to evacuation centres and emergency service areas. The company is also matching employee donations to Red Cross and the Salvation Army dollar for dollar.

· Frucor is distributing significant quantities of water to emergency centres from its Auckland and Kaiapoi sites.

· Nestle refreshment vans which can serve 200 people per hour are expected to arrive today. The company is donating significant amounts of product.

· Colgate Palmolive has dispatched 2700 WISPs (toothbrushes not needing water), 2880 toothbrushes, 1800 bacterial soaps, 1800 hand wash bottles, 2400 hand sanitizers, 1300 tubes of toothpaste and also personal travel packs for the emergency centres.

· George Weston is baking in Christchurch and has been delivering bread to open stores and free to emergency centres. They have delivered a large quantity to the Sanitarium site, which has been delivered to the centres and families at that site.

· Bluebird / PepsiCo have dispatched to St Johns for their meal giveaways via the refuge centres. PepsiCo has activiated their staff fundraising programme across 3000 staff in Australia and New Zealand and will match funds raised dollar for dollar.

· Inghams has offered to donate poultry product and has donated $50,000 to the relief fund

· Heinz Wattie has distributed significant amounts of canned products and other goods to emergency centres. It is working closely with the Salvation Army.

· Cerebos Greggs has sent instant coffee up from Dunedin and donated $40,000 to Red Cross.

· SunRice has pledged 4700 packets of rice, which has been offered to the Salvation Army.

· DB is organising fresh water from its Timaru brewery, but awaits the nod of where to send this.

· Pfizer is coordinating with the Ministry of Health to donate medicines and infant formula

· National Foods has offered dairy and yogurt products.

· Toll has been assisting Civil Defence and is working on logistics.

· Oriental Merchants has pledged to the Salvation Army 3500 packs of instant noodles

· NZ Sugar has dispatched a range of sugar products to the Red Cross

· Abes Bagels has pledged 10,000 bagels to the Salvation Army.

· Charlies has sent down 7 pallets of water.

· Mainfreight has offered transport services to FGC members to transport donations

· Reckitt Benckiser (NZ) Ltd has sent cleaning products and hand sanitizers to emergency groups.

· Vitaco has offered to donate a range of their food products and they are working with the Salvation Army.

· BDM Grange has pledged 2000 units of hand sanitizer / 12000 sanitizer hand wipes / 1000 units of dry shampoo (no water needed)

· Nutricia has pledged readymade infant formula. This product does not require parents to mix product when water quality is an issue.

· Premier Beehive NZ Limited has offered a range of goods

· Griffins has pledged biscuits and other products;

· Rothfords reps have been on the ground assisting stores and food service companies

· Procter and Gamble have shipped goods to the Red Cross.

· Harraways has pledged breakfast cereals

· Huhtamaki are packing a container of mixed product of plastic plates, knives, forks etc and are waiting for dispatch details.

· Johnson and Johnson is working with the Red Cross and sent in sutures, infection control and skin staplers. They are working to identify other needs. They will be making a large cash donation to the Red Cross also.

· Arnotts has pledged a range of products from their Christchurch warehouse. This will be available once that warehouse is reopened on Monday.

· Clorox is sending in garbage bags and cleaning products to the Red Cross as it did after the September earthquake.

· L’Oreal has offered a range of skincare products and shampoos.

· Cadbury Kraft has offered the Salvation Army chocolates, breakfast spreads and a range of other products. Goods are in transit from Dunedin.

· Tegel Ltd has offered poultry products to charitable groups.

· Energizer has been in touch with Civil Defence regarding batteries.

· Kellogg has offered breakfast cereals and making a cash donation.

· Kimberly-Clark has pledged a range of products including nappies, tissues and other personal care products.

· Pitango has shipped a pallet of readymade soups

· Vitasoy has offered a pallet of soymilk

· Masterpet has dispatched to the Salvation Army donated pet food for Christchurch cats and dogs.

· Ferrero has pledged quantities of breakfast spread.

· Davies Foods has pledged 3000 cans of product

· Linfox has offered to be a collection point for goods at their distribution centre in Christchurch. We will work with them on this once their warehouse is back open.

· Mainland Poultry has offered donate shell eggs and processed egg products such as ready-peeled hard boiled eggs, ready-made egg spread for sandwiches etc

· Pave has pledged 140 cartons of Fruit and Oats (2,220 single serves) and 180 cartons of Fruit Bowls (4,320 single serves) and other Dole products.

· Independent Egg Producers Co-op Ltd has offered eggs.

· Otakiri Springs has offered to send water to Civil Defence

· Sanofi-Aventis has dispatched personal care packs for the emergency centres containing toothbrushes, hairbrushes and wipes

Many members are in the process of getting cash donations signed off.

Some of the goods above are already in Christchurch and some are pledges for a later stage when some capacity for refrigeration returns.

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