Who knew salt and vinegar chips could be so highly sought after? Bluebird Chips clearly underestimated the power of a pregnant woman and her food cravings!

A five-and-a-half month pregnant woman craving Bluebird Murphy’s Thick Cut salt and vinegar chips has launched a campaign after finding the flavour was no longer available.

Michelle Gallagher, 31, of Browns Bay said she had looked everywhere for her favourite chips and was dismayed when Bluebird told her they had stopped making them because of a fall in demand.

She said her “major” craving had been with her for about four weeks and had driven her and her husband to search far and wide.

“We’ve looked in supermarkets, dairies, petrol stations, online shopping websites – not just the supermarket ones, but ones like Food Direct.

“We actually even went to [wholesaler] Gilmours looking for them. I was going to get a box and just stock up.”

Other varieties did not satisfy and she was surprised Bluebird scrapped such a mainstream flavour.

Bluebird still make original salt and vinegar chips.

“I don’t just think it would be me that’s disappointed. It’s just a case of no one knew. When you don’t see something in the supermarket for a while you just think they’ve run out of stock.”

To spread the word she set up a Bring Back Bluebird Murphy’s Thick Cut salt and vinegar chips Facebook page and online petition, which she hoped would make Bluebird reconsider.

A spokesman for Bluebird said they would consider bringing it back if the campaign attracted enough support.

Mrs Gallagher said her craving had sharpened since finding she could not sate it, “but I’m redirecting that energy towards getting [the chips] back”.

“Usually my causes are animal-related. This is the first time I’ve taken on a cause that might be considered frivolous by most.”

The campaign would still be worth it even if the chips were returned after her due date in June, she said.

“If I get enough support then at least it will be available again for everyone who likes that kind of chip.”

And in case she were to get pregnant again? “Exactly.”

Last year Bluebird angered some customers when they scrapped the CC’s and Aztec corn chip ranges and replaced them with a locally made version of the American brand Doritos.

In 2008 a group calling themselves The Sugar Liberation Army protested outside the Dunedin Cadbury factory after Kiwi favourites Snifters, Tangy Fruits and Sparkles were scrapped.


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