Every tea drinking visitor to my home office has always commented on the tea I serve which is the limited release Twining’s NZ Breakfast Tea. So I was pleased to read today that this wonderful kiwiana breakfast brew will now be on sale in NZ permanently.

Twinings NZ Breakfast Tea has been made a permanent addition to the Twinings range.

Last year, Twinings asked the New Zealand public to help them create the perfect NZ breakfast brew – the Dunedin winner’s creation is what we have on our shelves.

While it was originally intended to be a limited edition offer, the Twinings NZ Breakfast Tea has been so popular with New Zealanders that Twinings has no choice but to keep it on.

The coming months will provide the perfect opportunity for a good cup o’ tea…

Royal Wedding
On the 29th of April, the world will stop to celebrate a momentus occasion – the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Twinings, by appointment of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is the tea of Royals: as the Royal Wedding will be screened in New Zealand during morning hours, Twinings Tea is the perfect brew to toast the happy couple.

Mother’s Day
What better way to show your Mum you care, than with breakfast in bed and a steaming cup of Twinings NZ Breakfast Tea to match?

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