New sausage brand Bright`s not only delivers great taste but also a healthy option with their delicious turkey sausage.

With flavour and fitness in mind, Bright’s has included a tasty Turkey Sausage in their extensive range, offering a leaner choice with less saturated fat than most other sausages in the market. Bright’s Turkey Sausages are also lower in sodium than majority of their competitors. 

These are definitely a must try and it really means you can kick back, relax and enjoy a good kiwi sausage without the added concern. 

Finding your favourite could be a tough task with Bright’s selection of great flavours.  While the full range is definitely a crowd pleaser sure to satisfy all taste buds, one variety in particular is getting a special ovation for giving you the best of both worlds. 

Bright’s is committed to continuously delivering high quality products to all of New Zealand and have more exciting plans ahead for the rest of the year so watch out for more news from us soon.  
Bright’s Do Sossies Right!
Available in your local supermarket.

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