If you’ve seen me on the Living Channel, you will know I already adore the Tui range of products and now, the Tui NZ Fruit Garden book is out! Yay. This book is seasonal, user-friendly, great to look at, includes fruit recipes, is easy to navigate, has pruning advice and more

Fruit is a delicious staple in our diets and producing fruit directly from your garden is the most satisfying way to enjoy it.

Growing and enjoying fruit has a lovely timeless quality and generations have enjoyed the health bene?ts of eating good-quality seasonal fruits. Author of the The Tui NZ Fruit Garden, Sally Cameron, says, ‘Heirloom varieties keep us in touch with our past. When you bite into an apple or press juice from grapes, it is interesting to re?ect that these varieties have been consumed for longer than we can imagine.’

The Tui NZ Fruit Garden is a practical, illustrated guide to planting and maintaining your own fruit and nuts, whether you plan to plant a few containers on your balcony or develop a full home orchard. It will become the reference for gardeners of all skill levels wanting to grow some or all of their own food.

The book contains all the essential information you need, from how to condition the soil to how and where to plant, sprouting schedules, what kind of yield to expect from each plant variety, maintenance info, tips on harvesting and a glossary to help with technical terminology.

The Tui NZ Fruit Garden explains the ?ve steps to successful fruit gardening: planning; preparation; planting; care and maintenance; and harvesting your produce.

It includes 58 common and more exotic fruit and nuts suitable for growing in New Zealand gardens and it gives tips for the best growing conditions in each region of New Zealand. Included is a seasonal growing diary and calendar with a bullet point guide to let you know what should be checked off and completed within each season and allowing you to write in your own garden notes alongside.

Each chapter or variety of fruit or nut also gives recipe ideas for turning produce into a tasty dish, drink or preservative.

As with its companion title, The Tui NZ Vegetable Garden, The Tui NZ Fruit Garden contains an illustrated section on how to recognise and combat pests and diseases in order to build a healthy and thriving fruit garden. The book is immensely accessible and will have any gardener wanting to eat from their own bumper fruit garden this coming summer!

The Tui NZ Vegetable Garden book is seasonal, user-friendly, great to look at, includes recipes, is easy to navigate, has pruning advice and more!

Need I go on? This book is the only book you need for fruit planting, growing and eating so you can eat well on a budget and have the pleasure of knowing YOU grew your food. 

The Tui NZ Vegetable Garden
RRP $45

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