New company Bellyful provides scrumptious meals for families with newborn babies, and families who may be in crisis.

I was told about Bellyful today and have to say I am impressed.

Bellyful was founded by four mums who have all experienced how difficult it can be to have a new baby in the family. Many mums with new babies find that the most difficult time of the day is dinner time; especially if you have other children that need feeding.

Bellyful have meals that have been previously prepared and frozen and when called upon, one of their mums will hand deliver one. All of the ingredients are donated by businesses or people in the local community and meals are provided at no cost to those that receive them.

They currently have a branch in Auckland, Franklin, Porirua, Wellington, and Temuka and are opening new branches regularly and was designed for two main groups:

  1. Families with babies under three months old
    Particularly those that are struggling to get dinner on the table whilst juggling a newborn or new to the area and therefore don’t know many people in the community
  2. Families in crisis:
    Particularly those who have a child or parent in Hospital, have a terminal or very ill child, or who are going through a very difficult time due to personal circumstances

Their service is open to anyone regardless of household income and provides simple but nutritious meals that kiddies are going to love such as spaghetti bolognese, macaroni cheese, soup and lasagna.

Check out their website to find out more

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