The glorious scent of fresh coffee is wafting through the suburb of Shirley in Christchurch, as the The Palms coffee van visits select locations, three days a week. The coffee fixes are provided free of charge so weary residents can savour the flavour and save their money.

The Palms Shopping Centre knows how much members of their local community have missed the cafes and coffee shops at The Palms, so to keep everyone fully caffeinated until the planned reopening on June 30, the centre is providing free coffee, three days a week, via a mobile coffee van.

For two of the three days, the mobile coffee van will be stationed at set locations from 10am. On Mondays, residents in the Burwood Park area will be able to get their fix from beside the children’s playground and tennis courts, and on Fridays, the van services residents in the Thompson Park area from a position beside the playground and skate board park.

The mobile ‘Coffee in the Community’ van will be parked at its Monday and Friday locations from 10am and will continue handing out free coffees until the day’s limit of 150 has been met.

The Palms Shopping Centre is also giving the community the opportunity to suggest a place for the free coffee van to visit on Wednesdays. It could be a sports event or community gathering, where people attending would appreciate a free coffee fix. To recommend a location, please email Anne Newman on [email protected].

The centre recently announced a phased reopening plan which will see the first phase open its doors on the target completion date of June 30. In the meantime, The Palms is running a number of initiatives, such as the free mobile coffee van and a shuttle service for sports players at local schools, transporting them free to games and practices.

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