The Aussies are reknowned for throwing a good steak or some sausies on the barbie, but news out this week shows it should be more of a Kiwi institution!

Australia may boast better pay rates but when it comes to the price of red meat, New Zealand has the better deal.

A price comparison between Australian and New Zealand product shows shoppers will pay significantly more for meat in Australia.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand CEO, Rod Slater says there has been ongoing debate surrounding rising food prices so it is helpful to put this in context internationally.

“On average you’ll pay A$19.00 per kg for a lamb leg in Australia whereas here it can be as little as NZ$16.39 per kg and on average you’ll pay NZ$17.91 per kg,” says Slater.

“You’ve also got to remember that Australia doesn’t have GST on meat so in reality the price difference is even greater,” says Slater.

This price difference increases more significantly when the exchange rate is also taken into consideration.

Retail Meat Prices Survey Completed between Sydney in April and New Zealand in May 2011

Cut                     Price A$ per kg       Price NZ$ per kg

Lamb Leg                  19.00                            17.91

Aged Fillet                  47.00                            38.27

Aged Rump                 26.00                           18.63

Aged Sirloin                33.00                            26.35

Beef Mince                 14.00                            13.00

Scotch Fillet                36.00                            28.19

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