Take two things that are great individually, combine them, and you get something that is better than the sum of its parts… Griffin`s Collisions!

Griffin’s loves getting customers’ suggestions and great new ideas for biscuits. Several letters had the same ideas about mixing biscuits, the Griffin’s bakers started playing around – and where better to start than New Zealand’s favourite biscuits?
Ever imagined what a MallowPuff would taste like if it was mixed with a ToffeePop? A Squiggle Chocolate Chippie? Griffin’s – New Zealand’s oldest biscuit-making company – won’t leave you wondering any longer!
Griffin’s Collisions blend two of your favourite biscuits into one amazing biscuit and the best thing is they didn’t stop at one; they have made four different Collisions!

The exciting new Collisions range includes:
·     Hokey Pokey Squiggles collided with delicious Chocolate Chippies

·     MallowPuffs collided with Mint Treat indulgence

·     ToffeePops collided with delicious Krispie Biscuits (Our fave! And shown in photo)

·     MallowPuffs collided with decadent ToffeePops

Griffin’s Collisions are available at all supermarkets nationwide.
Be sure to try them all to find your new favourite!

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