Innovative virtual cookbook MyRecipeBook is expanding the ways keen cooks can share their recipes with the world. Founder Helen Syron explains…

Launched in July last year, recent improvements to enable registered users to upload their favorite recipes directly into their personal online account, and they can also upload their original recipes to the site to share with others.
“After the site went live and I talked to people who used the site and application, it was clear that users wanted to be able to upload recipes to their account via the website and they also wanted to share recipes with other users. So we made the changes to enable these options, as a direct result of that feedback,” says Helen Syron, founder of MyRecipeBook.
“Now that we have made these changes, the site is much more useful.  For example, keen cooks will be able to post their original recipes to share with others; which gives them an online presence, without having to create their own website.  And people who have specific dietary requirements will be able to use the site to share their own recipes, for others to view and download.  And anyone who simply wants to keep a file of private recipes, can now add to, and search, their collection more easily.”
MyRecipeBook continues to offer their unique synchronising application, which allows users to synchronise the recipes in their online account with the application on their computer.  So users can view recipes either in their online account, or offline on their computer, anytime.
The brainchild of Syron, a keen recipe cook and experienced food marketer, the website and application were originally created so she could keep a file of her favourite recipes and be able to view those recipes offline, if no internet access was available.
“One of the limitations of the internet is that, if it’s not available, you can’t access your online resources.  So we created the site with a synchronising application.  Now I have the best of both worlds, I can save recipes to my account online, and then synchronise my account with my computer, if I’m going somewhere without internet access”, says Helen.

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