Now this is clever! Two Auckland dads have launched Looney Tunes branded water, targeting kids and their parents down under.

Two Auckland entrepreneurs have scored a major coup securing the Asia Pacific distribution rights to launch a Looney Tunes branded water in a lucrative deal that will boost New Zealand’s beverage exports.

Pure NZ owners and directors Tony Vesper and Kyle Osborne approached Warner Bros Consumer Products Australia and New Zealand seeing the potential for a product that would appeal to both parents and children alike.

Parents themselves, Vesper and Osborne were convinced the global popularity of the Looney Tunes brand would transfer well in this market.

Looney Tunes, which first hit the screen 78 years ago in 1933, made famous characters like Bugs Bunny, Sylvester The Cat, Tweety Bird, Tasmanian Devil, Wile E.Coyote and Road Runner.

It’s these household names Osborne is sure will strike a chord with both children and their parents when it comes to choosing beverages.

The Looney Tunes 100% Pure NZ Spring Water will be sold in 400ml singles and four-packs or 1.5L bottles and already Foodstuffs Auckland, Progressive Enterprises and Gilmours have made room for it on their shelves.

The 400ml bottle is designed especially with children in mind – small enough to fit comfortably in their hands and with a sipper to help prevents spills.

Pure NZ water is bottled at the source of specially selected New Zealand springs – a long way from Hollywood but the perfect partner for the Looney Tunes brand says Osborne.

“We are proud to be partnering with Warner Bros with Looney Tunes, a brand all Kiwis have grown up with, this new partnership means we can bring the family entertainment brand to a new generation of Kiwis,” says Osborne.

The managing director of Warner Bros Consumer Products Australia and New Zealand, Preston Kevin Lewis, says that the company is very excited about the partnership with NZ Pure Spring Water.

“This is the first time Warner Bros Consumer Products Australia and New Zealand has aligned with a licensee who specialises in spring water. We were very impressed by the business credentials of the management duo Kyle Osborne and Tony Vesper at NZ Pure who bring a wealth of knowledge about the spring water category.”

Lewis says The Looney Tunes brand is a perfect fit for NZ Pure Spring Water’s strategy behind the product.

“The Looney Tunes Active logo is featured on the NZ Pure Spring Water range. Looney Tunes Active encourages children to eat healthy and to be active.  Water is a very important part of a child’s diet and it is crucial that kids stay hydrated throughout their busy day at school,” he says.

Vesper says New Zealanders will be the first to get access to the Looney Tunes Pure NZ Spring Water with plans underway to export the product to Australia.

“We have already had a lot of international interest, so it will be exciting to see how the brand grows in the next 12 months,” Vesper says.

Looney Tunes Spring Water (RRP $1.59 for 400ml / RRP $6.19 for 4 x 400ml Multipack / RRP $1.99 for 1.5L / RRP $7.49 for 4 x 1.5L Multipack) is available in supermarkets nationwide.

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