Hoorah for Heilala! Visit the Auckland Food Show, take along your old imitation vanilla essence bottle and exchange and upgrade to Heilala Vanilla!

Those who think vanilla is plain and boring probably haven’t had the joy of trying the real thing.

Far from being bland the complex, yet subtle flavour of true vanilla lifts desserts, baking, cocktails, sauces, dressings and savoury dishes. 

Heilala Vanilla wants to make it easy for people to discover why the real deal beats imitation vanilla hands down.
Visitors to the upcoming Auckland Food Show can exchange and upgrade their synthetic, chemically
derived vanilla essence for a Heilala Vanilla product. 

Every person who hands in a full, or half full, bottle of imitation vanilla essence to Heilala Vanilla, will receive $5 off any Heilala Vanilla products bought at the Auckland Food Show. 
Since bursting onto the scene Heilala Vanilla has won praise and awards for its organically-grown vanilla range of beans, extract, paste, syrup, sugar and ice cream.  

All Heilala Vanilla products are 100% pure Vanilla and made from sun-dried vanilla beans grown in Tonga.

For fresh ideas on how to use Heilala Vanilla join the Vanilla Kisses Club. Sign up at the Auckland Food Show and go into the draw to win a fantastic baking prize pack.  At the show treat yourself to a scoop of Heilala Vanilla Ice Cream, winner of the Premium Vanilla Category at the 2011 Ice Cream Awards. Joining Heilala Vanilla at the Auckland Food Show is Inca Fe Coffee, who will be on the Heilala Vanilla stand making Vanilla Lattes and Affogato coffee using Heilala products. 

For more information, visit www.heilalavanilla.co.nz
Please note, at The Food Show, empty vanilla bottles won’t be accepted – they must be at least half full.

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