Leading fine food manufacturer, Wild Appetite, has added five delicious, new sauces to its Urban Appetite range.

New Zealand’s leading fine food manufacturer, Wild Appetite, has added five delicious new sauté sauces to its Urban Appetite range.

Available in store now, these tasty and nutritious sauté sauces will enable consumers to create amazing meals with minimal fuss. What’s more, all five are gluten free and low in salt.*

Wild Appetite Executive Director Peter McCracken says; “There was a real gap in the market for a range of versatile cooking sauces with unique flavours that not only taste great but are nutritious too.

“Our sauté sauces have been developed specifically with this in mind. We know they’ll be a hit with New Zealanders everywhere who are looking for a quick and easy meal option that the family will love, without compromising on taste and nutrition.”

For added convenience, simple sauté suggestions are provided on each jar along with a range of recipes specially crafted by local chef Genevieve Knights at www.urbanchef.co.nz.

Urban Appetite Sauté Sauces are available in the following flavours:

Merlot & Mushroom – chunky tomatoes and mushrooms with a dash of Merlot for the taste of Provence

Zucchini & Cardamom – diced tomatoes and zucchini highlighted with cardamom spice for a Moroccan-inspired sauce

Tomato, Cumin & Coriander – fragrant spices combine with chunky tomatoes for the delicate flavours of Northern India

Roasted Red Capsicum – roasted capsicums and diced tomatoes spiced with a hint of chilli for a lively Southern States sauce

White Wine & Lemon – a creamy Italian style white wine sauce with cheese and the tantalising zing of lemon

Urban Appetite Sauté Sauces (425g jars) are available from selected supermarkets, RRP from $7.99 each.

For more information or to purchase new Urban Appetite Sauté Sauces, go to www.urbanchef.co.nz

* Four out of five Urban Appetite Sauté Sauces have no added salt. The sodium in these sauces is less than 10% of the Heart Foundation’s guidelines for sodium in cooking sauces. Urban Appetite White Wine & Lemon Sauté Sauce meets the low salt claim where the sodium content is less than 120 mg/100g of product. The ingredients used in the sauté sauces have been carefully selected and formulated to ensure the final taste is not compromised.

About Wild Appetite:

Wild Appetite was born in 1989 on a blueberry farm north of Auckland and continues to create and develop an extensive range of fine food products including sauces, dressings, condiments, jams, honey and wine jellies for discerning consumers throughout the world.

Many of these products have won international accolades for their innovative flavours, attributed to their careful selection of raw materials and innovative product and process development at Wild Appetite’s kitchen in Auckland.

Export sales to Australia, Denmark, Germany, UK and Dubai represent approximately 55% of the company’s turnover.


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