We were lucky enough in the Fresh office to be sent some Ti Tonics iced tea drinks to try this week and we were blown away how delicious they were. Oooh and good for you. Ti-riffic Super Teas!

Kiwis wanting to supercharge their health have found their answer with innovative New Zealand drinks company Ti Tonics – the name on everyone’s lips right now!

A finalist in the prestigious 2011 Global Beverage Innovation Awards, Ti Tonics have answered growing consumer demand for drinks that offer more, growing their range of “superteas” to include a new, ultra convenient slim-line 500ml reusable plastic bottle.

Perfect for busy lives, Ti Tonics new 500ml bottle will be available in a larger number of outlets – gyms, delis and high-end supermarkets – so no matter where you need your health fix, you can find a Ti Tonics for you!

With four unique flavours, Ti Tonics beverages are not just refreshing and delicious – they’re also supercharged with extra healthful ingredients that you won’t find in any other drink. Every Ti Tonic contains the antioxidant power of five cups of green tea – amazing!

Ti Tonics iced “superteas” use natural ingredients packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals – making them an easy way to be healthy no matter where the day takes you. Plus, with their innovative, stylish packaging, Ti Tonics don’t just taste amazing, they look great too.

Transport yourself to the exotic, with Ti Tonics Passion Grapeseed & White Tea, an inspired mix of tropical flavours. Or for fruity fun, try the sweet, subtle fusion of ripe nectarine and crisp apple flavours in Nectarine Grapeseed & White Tea – an exclusive and valuable source of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

For a delicious, superhealthy hit, try Ti Tonics Pomegranate Grapeseed & White Tea, an antioxidant-rich superdrink. Or get refreshed with Blueberry Grapeseed & White Tea, a rejuvenating blend of fruity flavours.  

And the brains behind the beauty? Ti Tonics iced teas are scientifically formulated to contain polyphenols – extremely efficient antioxidants – from New Zealand’s finest grapeseed extract for maximum health benefits.

 Ti Tonics 500ml are available in supermarkets, delis, gyms and food outlets nationwide.  For more information about the Ti Tonics range visit www.ti-tonics.com 

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